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Spotlight: Printler flattens out the learning curve when expanding

Written by Lotte Andkjær Christensen


This week's Spotlight is by Marco Wimmer, VP of Marketing & Growth in Printler, a Swedish platform that connects thousands of independent artists globally with millions of art lovers at a global scale.

“A good way to expand into new markets is to start very lean: let your website get indexed in a new country and start with a more aggressive marketing program a little bit later. Don’t do it all at the same time if you can afford it. 

That was very surprising because usually if you start a new market, you have to overspend a lot in the beginning but by being present in the market already and starting a marketing program more aggressively later on has helped us flatten out this learning curve.”


Learning community

While we know each brand’s international growth story is different, there’s a lot we can learn from each other.

Thank you to Marco Wimmer for taking the time to share learnings from Printler and welcome to the community! 

This is a spotlight story in our series where 50+ top e-commerce professionals share their learnings on market expansion tactics, localisation and technology across markets with our learning community. 

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Lotte Andkjær Christensen

Lotte, the Head of Product & Marketing at MakesYouLocal, excels in the e-commerce sector. Lotte’s passionate about creating products that resonate with audiences and drive growth. Her expertise spans product development, market research, and innovation, making her a critical asset in helping brands succeed abroad.