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Leveraging AI for Success: Turn Customer Insights into a To-Do List

Written by Tobias Riis Christensen


Happy customers improve your brand's reputation, secure repeat business, and can increase your customer base.

But have you considered the potential of the unhappy ones? Let's explore how they can be a source of business growth 🚀

Harnessing the Power of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is not just powerful; it's actionable. Our first mission in addressing customer issues is to prioritise their resolution and to evolve based on what we learn. This is why we have invested in a new Artificial Intelligence-platform for our clients to use. This platform can aid us in pinpointing at-risk customers, and categorising your conversations in a detailed way that allows you to pinpoint where you can improve!


How AI can be used in Customer Service

1. Accelerating Resolution:
The AI platform detects urgent cases and at-risk customers, routing them for quick attention by our agents. These resolutions not only retain customers but can convert them into advocates for your brand.

2. Automated Analysis and Reporting:
The AI platform identifies your customer's pain points, tracking issues for actionable insights. Whether it's improving packaging or clarifying return updates, AI helps quantify and prioritise issues so we can make data-driven decisions.

Why should you opt-in to use our AI-platform:

Creating Mutual Benefits

Addressing customer issues does more than limit dissatisfaction. It signals to customers that their voices are valued, creating stronger relationships and loyalty. Resolving an issue doesn't only please that one customer but eliminates potential barriers for other prospective buyers.

Boosting Your Business

Businesses exist to alleviate customer challenges. By ingraining customer feedback into your business development strategy, we ensure you stay ahead, flexible, and customer-centric. Our AI platform streamlines this process, keeping you close to your customers' needs and developing appreciated solutions.

At MakesYouLocal, we love when you are happy and have happy customers. However, we see unhappy customers as an opportunity, not a hindrance. They guide us to improvement, spark innovation, and foster growth. Each customer interaction, good or bad, is a chance to learn, grow, and enhance their experience. As we strive to provide the best customer experiences for your customers by leveraging AI, we urge you to welcome all customer feedback. After all, no business ever improved by ignoring its challenges!


Tobias Riis Christensen

Tobias, Product Owner and Business Developer at MakesYouLocal, is at the forefront of leveraging AI and automation in customer service. He specialises in ensuring that clients fully benefit from available technologies in their internalisation journey.


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