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Sell online in Norway: Overcoming challenges

Written by Søren Kjær Nielsen

Norway is an interesting market for e-commerce companies.

The vast majority of the Norwegian population lives in urban areas, making the country one of the easiest in the world to deliver to. Moreover purchasing power in Norway is generally high, and local consumers are putting that power to use with around 80% of consumers regularly shopping online. 

That being said, the country does present foreign companies with some challenges. Norway is not part of the EU and there are rather strict regulatory demands to live up to before you can sell your products to Norwegian consumers.

What you need to do before you can sell in Norway

  • Prepare your ERP system with the land of origin and product tariffs on all products
  • Set up a branch of your company in Norway
  • Find a custom representative
  • Agreement with Bring or another local distributor

Let us know if you need help preparing your entry to Norway. We are happy to assist you. 


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