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Avoid This Common Mistake When You Launch in New Markets 

Written by Max Riis Christensen

Expanding into new markets is an exciting opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience and drive growth. However, there is a common mistake that many companies make when entering foreign markets: underestimating the importance of comprehensive customer service. 

In this blog post, we will explore why limited customer service can hinder your success and show you how to avoid this critical error when launching in new markets.


The pitfall of limited customer service

Some businesses, in their eagerness to penetrate new markets, adopt a limited customer service approach. They may allocate customer service responsibilities to their existing customer service team and offer English language email support only in countries where the majority of customers prefer to speak their own language. This strategy overlooks the significance of providing a seamless and localised customer experience from the very beginning.


Transparency and missed opportunities for improvement

When entering a new market, it is essential to offer a customer service experience that matches or exceeds what customers are accustomed to in that region. Limited customer service, such as relying solely on email support, can signal to potential customers that addressing complaints, returns, and general inquiries will be challenging and time-consuming. This lack of transparency acts as a red flag, leading customers to abandon their shopping carts and seek out competitors who provide a more comprehensive support system.

Limited customer service not only affects the customer experience but also prevents businesses from gathering crucial insights that can enhance their conversion rates and customer journey. A native customer service team understands the local market, connects with customers on a deeper level, and obtains valuable information about their concerns, preferences, and pain points. This knowledge is instrumental in improving the shopping experience and making your venture more profitable.


The solution? Native expertise

A native team provides you with a deeper understanding of the new market's dynamics, cultural nuances, and customer expectations. This knowledge allows you to optimise your webshop, localise product texts and content effectively, and align your brand with the local audience.

However, hiring in-house customer service employees in a new market can be challenging and costly. Outsourcing customer service to a specialised provider, like MakesYouLocal, gives you access to a native-speaking team that possesses local knowledge and can provide a wide range of services including customer service, translation, online marketing, and community management. Native expertise is vital in delivering a seamless and localised customer experience across multiple channels, including phone, email, chat, and social media, while staying within your budget.


In short

When expanding into new markets, it is crucial to avoid the common mistake of underestimating the importance of comprehensive customer service. Limited customer service can lead to missed opportunities, dissatisfied customers, and lost revenue. By prioritising native customer service expertise and partnering with experienced service providers, businesses can offer a seamless and localised experience that wins the trust and loyalty of customers in new markets. Remember, investing in customer service from the outset will set the stage for long-term success and growth.


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