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Convenience is Key: The Growing Demand for Seamless B2B E-commerce

Written by Max Riis Christensen

When we shop online we have come to expect a seamless and convenient experience. 

We want advanced search capabilities, instant answers to our questions, and flexible payment and delivery options. These expectations have now extended to the B2B world. As B2B customers, we seek the same level of convenience and efficiency in our business transactions. Fortunately, some innovative B2B vendors have recognized this opportunity and are leading the way.


B2C Features in B2B E-commerce

Features that were initially developed for B2C e-commerce can be incredibly valuable in the B2B realm. Amazon's dash buttons, for example, can find even greater utility in the B2B space. While picking up a small item like dishwasher detergent is convenient in a supermarket, a B2B business may require regular shipments of pallets of cardboard boxes. 

In this case, utilising a dash button can streamline the ordering process. By establishing agreements with vendors regarding price and delivery, warehouse employees can simply press the button when the stock is low, ensuring a hassle-free replenishment process with minimal administrative effort.


The Importance of Presence

When businesses search for new vendors, their first step is often to conduct online research. They typically shortlist 3-5 potential vendors based on this research. To be considered, your online presence must be compelling enough to qualify your business for further evaluation. 

The requirements for impressing purchasers may vary across industries and individuals. However, ensuring that your business appears in relevant online searches, offering trustworthy landing pages, and providing a clear and convenient path forward are all vital for success.

According to Forrester, 59% of B2B buyers prefer to conduct research online rather than interact with sales representatives. Sales reps often focus on pushing sales agendas and may lack the specialised knowledge required to address specific customer problems. Therefore, creating a robust online presence that meets the needs of buyers seeking information and convenience is crucial.


Adopting a Buyer's Perspective

To thrive in B2B e-commerce, it is essential to view your business from the buyer's perspective. Consider the options that the new generation of online buyers would desire when searching for products similar to those you offer. Would they appreciate a dash button for quick and seamless ordering? Would an online database with access to spare parts be valuable? Is the ability to initiate a chat with a product specialist important to them? 

Understanding the preferences and pain points of existing and potential clients will help you tailor your online presence to meet their needs. Look to competitors and other industries for inspiration, and remember that the ideal solution for your business may not have been invented yet.


Expanding Market Opportunities

The revolution in B2B purchasing is happening worldwide. By establishing a strong online presence, you can attract new clients from neighbouring countries. Conversely, neglecting your online presence may encourage your existing clients to explore options from foreign vendors. Similar to B2C e-commerce, international transactions in B2B are increasing as businesses gain more experience with e-commerce and recognize the benefits of expanding their search beyond local markets. As sellers, we also understand how technology is making it easier to offer our services globally.

At MakesYouLocal, we have been assisting businesses with cross-border e-commerce since 2010. We can help develop your e-commerce approach and execute your online strategy, ensuring that you stay competitive in the evolving B2B landscape.

Read how we helped Vetnordic expand its operations to four foreign markets, in just three months, increasing order volume by an impressive 93%. 

Since 2010, more than 500 businesses across many industries have outsourced their customer support to our native teams of e-commerce specialists. With our extensive experience, we are ready to welcome and support your customers in their own language across Europe. Read more about our B2B Sales Support


Max Riis Christensen

Max, the CEO at MakesYouLocal, specialises in cross-border e-commerce. His expertise encompasses building business cases, developing rollout strategies, and ensuring successful international launches. With a vast network and a track record with renowned companies, Max is instrumental in helping brands succeed abroad.


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