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MakesYouLocal and Sentisum announce strategic partnership

Written by Lotte Andkjær Christensen

We are very excited to share our announced strategic partnership with Sentisum, enhancing e-commerce customer service with AI technology.

We have announced a strategic alliance with SentiSum, a company at the forefront of harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) for customer experience analytics. This collaboration is set to transform operational efficiency and customer service by applying Sentisums advanced technology with MakesYouLocal's deep insights into customer behavior and feedback. 

With Sentisum’s platform, we will be able to automate tagging and reporting of all customer conversations allowing agents to focus solely on understanding and solving customer challenges.

Moreover, the insightful reporting and smooth processes allow all parties to work with customer feedback to better their business performance overall.

"This strategic alliance with SentiSum marks an exciting phase in our mission to provide superior customer service," said Max Riis Christensen,  Founder and CEO of MakesYouLocal. "By integrating SentiSum's AI technology into our operations, We are allowing our clients to harvest the benefits of advanced AI early and without all the hassle of testing, selecting and implementing.”

SentiSum Founder and CEO Sharad Khandelwal added, "Our partnership with MakesYouLocal aligns perfectly with our goal to help businesses transform their customer experiences using AI. We look forward to seeing how our technology can drive improvements for MakesYouLocal and their e-commerce clients. By partnering with MakesYouLocal, we get access to a lot of knowledge across industries, which allows us to constantly better our services."

In line with our growth strategy, MakesYouLocal and SentiSum will continue to seek new partnerships and expand their customer base, utilising their combined strengths in AI-enhanced customer service.

About SentiSum
SentiSum leverages AI and analytics to help businesses gain actionable insights from customer feedback and interactions, transforming customer experiences.

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