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Max Riis ChristensenMay 7, 20152 min read

Sales will change in B2B, hire the new type of sales guy now!

Forrester recently published a report about upcoming, drastic changes in B2B sales. The writer expects 20% of the sales jobs to disappear within 5 years. I’m sure this is what we will see because:

1) I get inpatient myself when I am being sold something. I don’t have time for any cold calls and if I call my self, I know what I need and don’t have time for the pitch. I’m not the type of customer the sales guys love!

  1. Looking at the development in B2C sales. Not in volume but in the complexity of things being bought online. If a private person can buy expensive bikes, skiing equipment and tailor made curtains it is of course also possible for businesses to buy more complex stuff than toilet paper and printers.

New type of sales guy

The cost of going international will be a fraction of what it used to be!

You have probably also thought of selling in other countries or maybe you already do and have seen the challenges of managing a lonely sales person in another country.

Doing it online you can actually support and take care of customers without having full time sales person.


And the businesses with focus on online sales have an extra advantage!

Selling B2B online reduce the selling costs dramatically. The cost of a sales call can be 10-20 times higher than the online marketing cost for the same revenue. This will also open for selling lower priced products related to the core product – for example oil and tools for a machine – and in this way increase the revenue pr. customer and also increase loyalty.


Sometimes we just need it done

As I mentioned above, listening to a sales pitch is not something we always have time for. Especially not when it comes to situations where we know what we want. This means that businesses going online will meet the buyer in their preferred channel and without extra costs keep the channel open 24/7.


What are the options and how do you get started

We have worked with several different B2B companies but that is actually not the most important experience. The customers you’ll meet in your new online sales department are exactly like you and I. We are normal people with lots of B2C online shopping experience and we don’t need to learn a new way of online shopping. We just need B2B products in the environment we already know.

Our focus at MakesYouLocal is on the business site. It is strategy and execution. We help developing the roll out plan and can assist you in optimizing your website. Give us a call and find out what the right approach is for your business – and when you can start selling online!