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You don't need translators anymore!

Written by Max Riis Christensen

Translations have been an important part of international e-commerce for many years, and we have done our fair share over the last 13 years! But now it is time for a new perspective.

The job has changed

When using Large Language Models (LLM) - or better known as Open AI or Chat GPT - we get really solid translations of texts or completely new texts, if that is what we ask for!

This means that the text job has changed. The three main tasks to handle when selling in another country is:

  1. Being the pilot of all the new tools
    The tool that generates text based on product data, the tool that writes your SEO texts based on a review of search words, the tool that generates ad texts, LLM translation tools and probably many more.

  2. Being a fact-checker
    Large Language Models have a lot of knowledge and are capable of passing most of the exams we ask humans to pass as part of their education. But like humans sometimes they come with their best guess, and we need to filter those guesses out.

  3. Being a native copywriter
    To inspire and touch your readers, you need more than the tools. Human creativity will be an important skill when getting through to new and existing customers, and the Germans needs another approach than Norwegians!  The copywriter skills are both required when you write the prompt to the AI tool and also when adjusting the text provided by your tools.

When trying to adapt our organisation to this perspective, we learned that it is a complex task and ongoing task, but with a committed effort, it gives you better texts at a lower price!

Please share your personal perspective or own experiences below!


(Text below not part of the post we will publish, just part of the process👇🏻)

Texts can be divided into 4 groups when it comes to international e-commerce

Below we have tried to illustrate what has happened over the last 7-8 years and how things will change going forward when it comes to the different categories.