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The Key to International Success: Building Trust in E-commerce

Written by Søren Kjær Nielsen


A recent study found that success in international e-commerce requires a local approach. 

Unfamiliar language, legislation, currency and consumer behaviour are all alienating factors that can transform your webshop from trustworthy and user-friendly in your home market to strange, irregular and outright dangerous in the eyes of foreign customers.

Knowing exactly how and where to localise can mean the difference between success and failure. You won’t necessarily need to localise 100%. You just need to convert visitors into customers.

We see trust as the main driver of conversion. Not language or payment methods. We have launched webshops internationally without local currency or language, and actually managed to convert customers anyway - this could be due to strong brand recognition or because a webshop has offered local return solutions or customer service.

Every webshop has a different starting point and in order to have the highest return on investment, a localisation strategy will be individual and tailored to the specific webshop, industry and competitive situation.


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