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Max Riis ChristensenJan 8, 2014 5:38:00 PM2 min read

This is the problem when you sell online abroad

Updated: May 27, 2019

Every web shop selling abroad is challenged with a conversion rate not even close to what they experience in their home market. This is the problem!

A low conversion rate leads to less orders than you expected and even worse, the CPO (Cost Per Order) will be much higher. A high CPO and low volume leads to frustrations and loss of money.

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Why this problem so often stand in the way of success

A low conversion rate has many reasons. If it was just one thing it would not be such a common problem. Below some of the main reasons:

  • When a web shop localise for a new market and has done the “big things” such as payment methods, language and legislation they often say “this is good enough to start with”. Maybe it is, but from a conversion rate perspective there can be a huge difference in being first and second choice for the visitors. Why buy in your web shop when a local player offer a less complicated return process or offer a local phone number in customer service?
  • When you sell in several countries your workload for the ongoing maintenance of the web shop is increasing dramatically. You will never move your home market down on the priority list for obvious reasons, first of all this is probably still the shop that pays your salary. This means that foreign markets are pushed down and new products, features and campaigns are delayed. Your local competitors on the other hand are sharper than ever, it is their home market.
  • The local touch in the daily web shop management is another issue. In your home market you  have a clear picture of your competitors, their initiatives and everything else that influence the behavior of your customers. In a foreign market you don’t.
  • Local business development. Things are changing in all markets, but the pace is different and the outcome can also be different. When is the right time to start selling through market places, when should you invest time in twitter and Pinterest and when is pre-paid return inevitable?


The solution

Just to be upfront….we work everyday to offer the solution. Our mission is to help web shops succeed abroad. Our solution to this problem is to offer the two ingredients you either don’t have or only partly have.

  • The local team. Natives living in the country with extensive e-commerce experience able to maintain your shop, talk to your customers and give you the local input on your business.
  • The extra resources at a scalable cost. We can scale customer service from 10 phone calls per day and we can help with all the other daily stuff you don’t have time or language skills to do.

If you don’t get these resources from us you should get them from someone else. Being able to see why customers choose another web shop and being able to solve the problem requires a broad set of competences. It helps a lot that we have done it all before and have build the experience in each country. Call us, write us or in another way get the problem solved. Your conversion rate abroad should be at the same level as in your home market, at least this is our goal.