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Pernille Kuntz DavidsenNov 25, 2020 5:06:00 PM2 min read

Here is why local experience is important to succeed abroad!

Whether you are doing marketing in Denmark, Sweden or Germany, Google Ads and Facebook algorithms are the same. But why shouldn’t a marketing specialist such as me be able to run campaigns in all three countries? I am a native Dane; I can read Swedish and I studied German in high school.

The answer is quite simple, culture. Even though Denmark borders both Sweden and Germany, the three countries have significant cultural differences when it comes to online shopping. So, what should you consider when launching your business in a new country?
One thing is language. It is important not just to have category texts and descriptions in the native languages, it is also important to have product texts translated in order to both help the customer but also to support the feeds needed to conduct online marketing campaigns. If a potential customer in Germany is searching for a “lederjacke” and your product text is in English and the product is called “leather jacket” your product will not be eligible to be listed on Google Shopping.
Therefore, by having well-written category and product texts, your Google Ads click prices will in turn be lower and your ad budget will be able to generate more traffic. An increase in traffic from Google Ads will help feed your Facebook Pixel, thereby making it possible to create better audiences for your paid Facebook campaigns. Accordingly, better audiences for your Facebook campaigns combined with Google Ads campaigns that are able to showcase your products locally will result in higher revenue, seen as you are able to find the right customers through both push and pull media. This is perfectly displayed through the week on week revenue from one of our clients, where customer service, marketing efforts and algorithms go hand in hand and ensure the success of our client abroad.

Graph displaying the week on week increase in users combined with revenue. Highest revenue being 57.000 SEK weekly and highest number of users being 5.050


But what should you as a webshop owner do? How do you make sure that you take both the online shopping culture into consideration as well as having product descriptions that are not just translated but also optimized for search engines?

In my position as a Marketing Specialist at MakesYouLocal, I work closely with our native E-commerce specialists. We cover 10 different languages here in Copenhagen as well as 16 across Europe, all native speakers. I am therefore able to get feedback and inputs on marketing campaigns targeting a specific country or region, as well as getting insights on questions and concerns from customer service calls, emails and our monthly customer service reports.

By collaborating and sharing knowledge about our end customer's issues, desires and needs, as a marketer am able to create campaigns focusing on exactly what the customers need and our native E-Commerce specialists are able to get both paid and organic search data. Data they in turn can apply when writing well-written product and category texts, thereby optimizing for search engines.

Read more about our marketing approach and how we can help you succeed abroad here.