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The Importance of Treating Customers as Gold Club Members

Written by Max Riis Christensen

We work with companies across many different countries and industries. Most of them take a lot of pride in offering great customer service. It is our responsibility to deliver this experience and we take this huge responsibility very seriously.
This is also why we recently asked a client to find another partner to help doing their customer service. We have been working with them for 4 years doing a lot of work in the Nordic countries, in particular in their two main seasons of 2 months each.
In each season we experienced a lot of frustrations among our agents, because the shop tried to avoid refunding customers when there were complaints, or did not allow us to go the extra mile, to help customers, when products where delayed.
Our agents, trained to go the extra mile, were frustrated and felt really bad on behalf of this webshop's customers and it actually drained their energy and reduced their job satisfaction.
So... although the client was satisfied and paid all bills, we have now terminated the agreement. We want to help our customers succeed abroad and to do that, you need to treat all customers as Gold Club members!