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Our Units: Expanding insights for your business abroad 

Written by Lotte Andkjær Christensen on 12.06.2024

At Succeed Abroad 2024 in Copenhagen we talked to Anne Marx, Head of Digital at Our Units. We spoke to her about Our Units' expansion strategy establishing the brand across Europe.


"My best tips for expanding the business abroad is probably to just do it." 

"So first and foremost, it's about making it as local as possible so that it feels credible and relevant for the individual to receive."


Expanding a business internationally comes with its fair share of decisions and challenges and from our interview with Our Units, we gained valuable insights into their approach to international expansion. Here is what we learned:

  • Communication Across Scandinavia

    Anne emphasised the importance of recognising cultural differences within each market. Although Our Units conducts business across various European countries, their marketing efforts are primarily concentrated on Scandinavia due to both economic and practical considerations. Scandinavia represents their principal market, and as such, their communication strategies are meticulously crafted to resonate with Scandinavian customers. To achieve this, they collaborate with agencies to precisely segment and target specific groups within the Scandinavian region.

  • Language Borders

    Despite serving multiple countries, they adopt a unified approach in their communication, using English as the common language, even across Scandinavia. While recognising the need for full localisation, Our Units localises their Nordic website to some extent to accommodate cultural differences, but does not localise their other markets.

  • Investing in Localisation

    Anne's experience underscores the importance of investing resources and effort into understanding the unique characteristics of each market. While it may require additional resources initially, the long term benefits justify the investment. By immersing oneself in the culture, values, and shopping habits of a particular country, businesses can build stronger connections with customers and drive growth.


"At my previous job, we translated a Swedish site, which increased the conversion rate with 40 percent."


  • Understanding Markets

    In conclusion, expanding a business abroad requires a strategic approach that prioritises localisation and understanding of the target market. By embracing the diversity of cultures and consumer preferences, businesses like Our Units can successfully navigate international expansion and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Lotte Andkjær Christensen

Lotte, the Head of Product & Marketing at MakesYouLocal, excels in the e-commerce sector. Lotte’s passionate about creating products that resonate with audiences and drive growth. Her expertise spans product development, market research, and innovation, making her a critical asset in helping brands succeed abroad.


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