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EYDA: How Influencer Marketing is used to establish brand awareness in new markets

Written by Lotte Andkjær Christensen on 10.05.2024

At Succeed Abroad 2024 in Copenhagen, we met up with Sofie Hedensted, Influencer Marketing Manager for Danish active wear EYDA. We spoke to her about the importance of a holistic marketing approach when entering new markets. According to Sofie, this includes building brand awareness alongside performance marketing and leveraging influencers to connect with local audiences.



The power of influencer marketing can, for some brands, not be overstated. Companies like EYDA are reforming their approach to marketing by embracing a holistic strategy that goes beyond traditional disciplines. When we met up with Sofie in Copenhagen, we talked about how EYDA use Influencer Marketing not only to gain brand awareness but also to help build the EYDA brand community. Learn how:

  • Brand - and community building

    For EYDA, entering a new market involves more than just deploying performance marketing tactics. EYDA prioritise brand building - and Sofie emphasises the importance of leveraging influencers to achieve this goal successfully. Sofie shares how EYDA rely on Influencers not only to market the brand through their channels, but also to build the EYDA community via hosting events and social runs. 

  • Finding  the right Ambassador

    Data serves as the foundation for EYDA's influencer partnerships, but it's not the sole determinant. Sofie highlights storytelling, community engagement, and alignment with EYDA's values as core elements to identify the right ambassadors for the brand. The brand carefully analyse demographics and audience composition to ensure a symbiotic relationship between brand and ambassadors.

    EYDA distinguishes between sales and brand profiles, tailoring their ambassador selection accordingly. While large scale influencers have their place, EYDA also values local influencers such as gym instructors who possess intimate industry knowledge and community connections.

  • Relationships

    EYDA's market entry strategy extends beyond digital platforms. They prioritise physical presence, investing time and effort in establishing relationships with ambassadors and potential customers. Initiatives like Social Runs demonstrate EYDA's commitment to fostering community engagement across multiple markets.


"We make sure that we have a good relationship with them from the start. We might invite them for a coffee, a run, or a workout to understand where they come from" Sofie explains.


  • Be true to the audience you buy into

EYDA's holistic influencer marketing strategy demonstrates that success lies not only in numbers but in meaningful connections and shared values. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of EYDA's influencer partnerships but also fosters long-term relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Rather than inundating influencers with rigid scripts and directives, EYDA trust in their ability to connect authentically with their audience. Sofie emphasizes the importance of allowing influencers to maintain their unique voice and perspective, recognizing the profound impact they have on their followers.

"Do not just send them a script and say that that is what they have to do.
Because the reason people follow them is of what they post, and that's what you have to buy into" Sofie shares. 


Thanks for sharing your experience, Sofie.


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