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The key to selling premium products across markets 

Written by: Donatas Gudelis 

Arte Domestica is a Lithuanian wholesale business selling premium products including household appliances, sport and leisure, home cooking, B2B goods and retail across the Baltics and beyond. 

In our latest Succeed Abroad spotlight story, we sit down with Domantas Zickus, managing director at (part of the Arte Domestica family) to talk about what he believes is the secret to finding success abroad. 

For him, it boils down to this: premium products require premium customer service. Whether it’s physical stores or web shops, it’s about figuring out what it takes to deliver the same quality customer experience across each new market you enter. 

“If you sell a premium product, the first thing is to meet the manufacturer's standards, the second thing is to have a full assortment and the third is taking pride in it,” he says. 

“We have unique standards only for our needs, so we invested in those things. We invest in the competence of people so that they know everything about it.” 

For him, it’s also important that customers on the ground in each market can get information about each product however they want. 

“We set goals for representatives to decide how the product should be delivered, what information should be provided and what to tell the customer about the product,” he says. 

This is then supported with “real human beings” in customer service, available in each country. 

“It really takes more time to build brand trust,” he says. 

What does it come down to? Scaling not just the reach but also the quality of your brand across markets and delivering a service that you can be proud of.

Succeed Abroad

Thank you Domantas for sharing a snapshot of and Arte Domestica's international growth story with our learning community.

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