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Embracing a Customer-Centric Approach to Boost Sales and Satisfaction

Written by Max Riis Christensen


In recent months, the topic of selling through multiple channels, both offline and online, has sparked significant discussion. However, headlines proclaiming the demise of pure players fail to grasp the true essence of the matter.

Bryan Eisenberg says, "Forget about channels. There are brands and there are customers."

This encapsulates the mindset of the future consumer. Today, we seamlessly navigate various channels throughout our shopping journey, transitioning from inspiration and planning to the final purchase. Ultimately, we are indifferent to the specific retailer as long as they offer the desired product and brand.

From my perspective, consumers value the omnichannel experience most after making a purchase. They may need to return a product, express a complaint, or seek assistance. Imagine encountering a retailer selling Nudie Jeans and approaching them for help. It would be disappointing to hear them say, "...well, we do sell this product, but since it was bought online, we can't assist you."

This is the pivotal moment where brands have the opportunity to impress consumers and earn positive feedback in satisfaction surveys. Consumers are not impressed simply because a brand offers products through multiple channels; the products are already available through various channels, just not necessarily sold by that brand.

Instead, adopting an omnichannel approach should revolve around customer-centric thinking. Providing a flexible and convenient return process and delivering exceptional customer service solutions are the key factors that truly impress customers.

By prioritising the seamless integration of sales channels and optimising customer support throughout the entire shopping experience, brands can differentiate themselves and foster greater customer satisfaction.


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